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 “Studying abroad in Australia was the best life experience I have had.  At Macquarie University, I was able to get a completely different perspective on the study of English literature: this I value above everything I have learned in college so far.  It was not only the different classes, but my experience immersed entirely in another culture that has helped me see things I would not have picked up on before.” -Natalie Oaks

The English degree is ideally suited for students who wish to study abroad!


Today’s college graduates will live and work in a world that is more culturally challenging and globally interconnected than ever before.  Education abroad provides a unique opportunity to engage the world while fulfilling major requirements or complementing the English courses you take at OSU.  Study post-colonial literature in Cape Town, creative writing in Rome, or Shakespeare in Sydney.  Experience American literature and film from the perspective of another culture: Read Hemingway in Istanbul, or study cinema in Berlin.  Complete your second language requirement: study Arabic in Tunis, French in Angiers or Argentina.  Sharpen your writing and reporting skills with an internship in Dublin, participate in community development in Mumbai, teach English in Guadalajara, or lead women’s activities workshops in Namibia.  A wide array of study and internship abroad opportunities are available to English majors.

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