Sharyn Clough

Sharyn Clough
The Phronesis Lab
Associate Professor

Milam 306C
Corvallis, OR 97331-3902

PHONE: (541) 737-9801
Email: sharyn.clough@oregonstate.edu

Philosophy of Science, Feminism and Science,
Epistemology, Contemporary Pragmatism


Sharyn Clough specializes in the philosophy of science and epistemology more generally, with a focus on the intersection between these areas and feminist theory. Her work is informed by the contemporary pragmatist approaches to philosophy of language associated with Quine, Davidson and Rorty.

Select Publications

Beyond Epistemology:
A Pragmatist Approach to
Feminist Science Studies
Lanham, Maryland: Rowman & Littlefield (2003).
Beyond Epistemology
Siblings Under The Skin Siblings Under the Skin:
Feminism, Social Justice
and Analytic Philosophy.

Aurora, Colorado: Davies Publishing (2003).


Select Articles & Book Chapters

  • “Radical Interpretation, Feminism, and Science.” In Dialogues with Davidson, ed. Jeffrey Malpas. MIT Press. (2011)
  • “Gender, Germs and Dirt.” Science at the Frontiers: Perspectives in the History and Philosophy of Science, ed. Will Krieger. Lexington Press. (2011)
  • Gender and the Hygiene Hypothesis.” Social Science & Medicine 72: 486-493. (2010)
  • "Drawing Battle Lines and Choosing Bedfellows: Rorty, Relativism, and Feminist Strategy." In Feminist Interpretations of Richard Rorty, ed. Marianne Janack. Penn State Press.
  • "Solomon's Empirical/Non-Empirical Distinction and the Proper Place of Values in Science" as part of the symposium "A More Social Epistemology: Decision Vectors, Epistemic Fairness, and Consensus in Solomon's Social Empiricism,Perspectives in Science, 16 (3): 265-279. (2008)
  • "Racist Beliefs as Objectively False Value Judgments: A Philosophical and Social-Psychological Analysis," The Journal of Social Philosophy 39 (1): 77-95. (2008)

For more information and a more complete listing of her research publications,
visit her homepage. (http://people.oregonstate.edu/~cloughs/)


Dr. Clough regularly teaches a lower division course in epistemology (PHL 251) as well as formal logic (PHL 321), ancient Greek philosophy (PHL 301) and upper level seminars in the philosophy of science (PHL 470/570). Seminars in feminist science studies (PHL 407), and religion and philosophy (PHL 436) are usually offered every other year.

Phl 470/570 Philosophy of Science
Phl 436/536 Philosophy and Religion

Phl 407/507 Feminism, Knowledge, & Science
Phl 321 Symbolic Deductive Logic
Phl 251 Knowers, Knowing, Known
Phl 160 World Religions - Honours

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