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Like you, we want our students and alumni to be successful.  Our role is to inform and counsel students about career development and transitioning out of college, as well as give them opportunities to meet with employers and mentors.  Below are services we offer you to assist your students in their career development.

Career Trail - Prep by Step

The Career Trail is a program that leads students through a series of assignments, introducing them to concepts in career development without creating more work for faculty. We hope to create a cultural shift at the Oregon State University campus by consistently engaging faculty in student career development and echoing the messages of Career Services across campus through the many collaborative partnerships we form in academic and student affairs with this program. We need your help to do it!

Faculty/Staff Engagement Portal

We provide all OSU Faculty and Staff with unique access to Beaver Careers, OSU Career Services online career management system. It is a great way for students and alums to get started in their job/internship search and connect with employers from a variety of organizations, local to global. Faculty and Staff can now utilize Beaver Careers to make connections with employers who are actively seeking your students for full-time, co-ops and internships, summer camps, national parks employment, and volunteer organizations. Please contact Career Services if you would like to create an account to access Beaver Careers. 

Classroom Presentations

We will bring the information to your class. We specialize in customized and standard presentations to classes and student organizations about a host of career-related topics such as resume writing, job search strategies, interviewing skills, and “What Can I Do with This Degree?". In addition, we can sometimes arrange presentations by professionals (many of them alumni), who can relate their experiences and how their major has helped them in their careers.

Mock Interview Class Assignment Option

Assignments are always a great way to get students to engage in the career development process.  One that has become particularly popular with our faculty/staff is InterviewStream, an interactive online video-based interviewing tool which uses a webcam to video a practice interview (we have a technology room in our office for students to use if they don’t have a webcam). InterviewStream provides feedback and tips of non-verbal behavior and communication missteps. If interested in using this tool in your class, please fill out this brief form or contact us at career.services@oregonstate.edu for more information, including how to get started.

Career & Self Assessment Tools

What are my interests?  Is my personality a good “fit” for a certain career?  Career assessments are one tool that can help answer these kinds of questions.  Experienced career counselors will help your students interpret thier results. We offer assessments such as SIGI3 (it's free!), Myers Briggs Type Indicator, and Strong Interest Inventory. Find out more about each assessment.

Career Handouts

We have a variety of career-related handouts available online and in our office for you and your students. Anything from learning about what to include on a resume, resume examples, how to write a cover letter, applying to grad school, job search timelines, how to network, and more! Please encourage your students to learn more about the career development process and the information available to them through our handouts.

Career Consulting For Your Students

Do students come to you for advice and input? Feel free to refer students or contact us for consultation around career-related topics. We help students explore career options and action steps for their interests, career goals, skills, values, and personality. During their academic careers, students use Career Services to develop essential job-search skills. We help students access the resources for job outlook, salary, and employment trend information.

Career Fairs, Seminars, & Other Events

Our career fairs attract many recruiters to one event. You are always invited to attend and find out which employers want to hire Beavers.  Our career fairs provide an excellent opportunity for you to meet with representatives and establish a network of contacts from companies and industries that you can connect with your students. Oftentimes faculty/staff will encourage their students to attend the career fair and sometimes offer extra credit as an incentive. We also offer seminars about the job search process, resume and cover letter writing, internships, graduate school, and speed mock interviews throughout the term.

Connect You With Employers

We know employers who want to know you. Employers often ask for the contact information of faculty or staff, who could help them get connected with students. Ideally, employers would like to develop mutually beneficial relationships with faculty and staff, and can provide many forms of support.

These are just some of the services we offer. Please call Career Services at (541-737-4085) to determine how we can best serve you.

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