APAA - Assessment

Baccalaureate Core Category Review Workshop

WHAT: Assessing and Reporting Outcomes in Bacc Core Courses:  A How-To Workshop for the Upcoming Review

WHO: Baccalaureate Core Instructors , Course Coordinators, Unit Heads in Speech, Math and Fitness

WHEN: Wednesday, January 16, 2013 (1-3 PM) OR Thursday, February 28, 2013 (2-4 PM)

WHERE: Milam 215

HOW TO REGISTER: Contact Beverly Dirks at Beverly.Dirks@oregonstate.edu or 1-541-737-7463 or register online here.

This is a hands-on and how-to baccalaureate core assessment/category review workshop for those units/courses up for review in 2013. This workshop will orient you to the course review process, the updated Category Course Review Webform, and provide guidance on what you can do this term and in upcoming terms to help assess the student learning in the Baccalaureate Core.

This is a hands-on workshop so please:

  • bring your syllabus!
  • bring additional handouts, assignments, or rubrics for assessments that align or potentially align with the baccalaureate core outcomes (beyond what is in your syllabus), if applicable
  • if you teach in a course with multiple instructors, have the other instructors participate in the workshop as well – you can use this time to work as a team and begin addressing the questions in the Baccalaureate Core Category Review Course Webform.

QUESTIONS: We are here to help make this the Baccalaureate Core Course Review a smooth and meaningful process for individual instructors and unit administrators alike. If you would like help with any aspect of this process please contact Stefani Dawn, the Assistant Director for Assessment at 541-737-0919, Stefani.dawn@oregonstate.edu, or Vicki Tolar Burton, Baccalaureate Core Director, 541-737-1663, vicki.tolarburton@oregonstate.edu.